Albert and Lester Rauch, Founders.

About Rauch Family Foundations

The Rauch brothers remembered how the community, especially the American Federation of Labor Construction Workers, came to the aid of the Rauch family whose husband and father was a paraplegic.

Albert and Lester remembered how the family managed to pull through the Great Depression because the union members constructed a storefront—and the means for the family’s livelihood—onto the front of their Rock Island Home.  In later years, that remembrance took the form of plans to establish
 a family foundation that would help others in their community.

Al and Les Rauch were graduated from St. Ambrose University, majoring in science.  For many years, Les was director of food services at St. Anthony’s Hospital and Franciscan Medical Center.  He died in 1987 and bequeathed his assets to his brother.

After college graduation, Al went to work at Deere & Company as a chemist, working as a senior scientist for 48 years.

These modest and unassuming brothers have remembered the gifts of their neighbors and friends with their own generous gifts to future generations.

The Rauch brothers created two Foundations that bear their names, each one having a separate purpose.

The Rauch Family Foundation I awards grants annually to programs and nonprofit organizations that serve the people or Rock Island, Illinois.

The Rauch Family Foundation II awards grants to programs and organizations for the enhancement and understanding of Judaism, its people and traditions.

The Foundations have contracted with the Doris & Victor Day Foundation for shared administrative support and office space.

-Dave Geenen, Administrator

Board of Directors

Rauch Family Foundation I

Mark Schewibert, President
William Stengel, Vice-President/Secretary
Virginia Jarrett, Member-At-Large


Rauch Family Foundation II

Richard Weinstein, President
Anne Ney Vice-President
Lori Lefstein, Secretary
Jenny Kitsis, Member-At-Large
Steve Andich, Member-At-Large