Rauch Family I

The 2017-2018 Grant Process is now open! Applications are due May 1, 2018.


To access the shared grant application portal (with the Day Foundation) please follow this link. 

The Focus of Rauch Family Foundation I is on the City where Al and Les Lived all of their lives.

Grants are only awarded to programs and activities that enhance the daily lives of Rock Island citizens.

Briefly, Rauch Family Foundation I, Inc:

funds organizations that have been recognized by the IRS as being described in section 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) or 509 (a) (b) of the Internal Revenue Code.

 funds programs that meet basic human need and help to create a better Illinois/Iowa Quad Cities region

 considers applications from previous grantees only if written reports on prior grants have been received



The Board of Directors sees every grant application. The Cover Page Application (1 page) and Proposal Narrative (1 page) are reproduced and is read by each director prior to the first session of grant decision meetings.

At that first meeting, the directors select those applications that will be given further study. In some cases, applicants will be asked to provide more information about the organization and the project.

The Cover Page Application provides the Foundation with basic information about the organization and its grant request.

The Proposal Narrative is required for all applicants. It is not to exceed one page and must use the provided template.

The following outline for the Proposal Narrative serves as a guide to help you describe your grant request. It is up to the applicant’s discretion as to what information to include. It may also be downloaded here